Sunday, September 30, 2007

The D.I. Dance

Our activities committee decided to hold a D.I. dance that started at 9. This was stupid for several reasons.
  1. We have no D.I.s in the county, and i was not about to go up to Utah to buy clothes for a dance. It should have been called the "thrift store dance" or the "Good Will dance." We have plenty of thrift stores and Good Wills in the area.
  2. The name was confusing. With a name like "D.I. Dance," it required a lot of explanation for all those fortunate souls who have never heard of Deseret Industries.
  3. I am tired of dressing up for dances. The last dance i went to had an 80's theme. I just want to go to a dance without wearing a costume. (also, none of the activities committee dressed up. It was their stupid party, and they didn't dress up.)
  4. The dance started an hour before i usually get ready to go to bed. But i went to the dance, and i participated, and now it is very late and i am not tired all because of the stupid dance that forced me to stay up late. Now i will forever be a night owl.

At least i got this great Muumuu out of it. I mean, count your blessings, right?


Melanie said...

snazzy outfit. I bet it looks awesome when you twirl.

Myriah said...

It does! In fact, my go-to move switched from The Lawn Mower to The Twirl when i was wearing this dress.

Tara said...

It was a great costume! Nice work. While I agree that the whole "DI" theme was less than optimal it was fun and I'm glad you dressed up with me, in my book "you win the best costume award"!