Saturday, September 8, 2007

Garage Sale-ing

This morning i went with Tara and her family garage saleing.
I had never done it just for a good time before.
I remember going with mom a few times, and i remember it wasn't very fun. But maybe that was because i wasn't as mature as I am now.
I saw some interesting things, including a telephone-fake-ivy-ski-pole that was really a lamp. I wish i got a picture of it.

BUT, i scored some pretty great stuff:

The Sword and the Stone on VHS: $0.50
4 The Cat Who... Books: $2.00
8 plates exactly like mom has: $2.00
Hogwarts Stationary Set with Stickers: $0.50 (ha, those suckers)
1 never been opened game of Monopoly: $2.00


Tara said...

Congrats again on all your great purchases. I really wish you would have brought your camera but mostly so I could have a picture with that really great vin dissel tank top. LOL! Good times, I'm glad we were able to introduce you to the wonderful world of garage saling, grandma dona style, you'll never look at "garage'n" the same

Jodie said...

Wow...if only I was there!