Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Terrible News

So tonight was the first ever annual North County FHE Talent Slash Variety Show.

My camera ran out of battery.

I got nothing.

But i did read a super great poem as my "secret talent." Mainly, i was keeping it a secret from Tara all week.. The poem was by Roald Dahl, from his book "Revolting Rhymes." It really is simply a response to literature. Check it out.
No, really, go to the library and check it out. They are especially fun to read out loud.

But, overall, the Talent Slash Variety Show was a huge hit, and if you would like more details, plus a few pictures, and a great surprise Talent Slash Variety Show ending, go to Tara's blog.

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Tara said...

Oh my goodness, when I read Terrible news I was freaking out like "oh my goodness why didn't she call me...I don't have a missed call...WHAT HAPPENED" (all these thoughts happened in 2 sec's flat)Anyway I'm happy to know that the whole thing was simply remedied by placing a link to my blog. wheew.