Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pouf the WOW

Today was wear your hair in a Pouf Sunday. So i did it.
I don't think i'll do it again. I'm talking to Tara on the phone. She was begging me to take a picture of the pouf, so there you go, T-Dawg.

Also, this week is the start of Week of Welcome on the Cal Poly campus, or WOW for short. This means that not only the Cal Poly campus will be overcome with people, but so will the entire town. This means more traffic, more pedestrians, and more... more of everything.
There goes the quiet summer...

But it's good for the economy, right?


Tara said...

Thanks buddy it looks great!

Liz said...

I'm bummed I'm missing out on themed Sundays.

Myriah said...

Liz, I could really let you know when we are theme-ing, and you can participate. I think next up is False Eyelash Sunday.