Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reservoir Canyon

Today i went on a hike that i have never gone on before. Growing up in the Cohen household, i recall many a Saturday that included a hike, so i was pleasantly surprised and a little confused to find myself on an unfamiliar trail.

i found this handy dandy website that told me how far i walked, as i really had no idea. The website also offers nice pictures and an example of poison oak.

Year-round 2.5 mile trail with bridges, waterfalls, (I only saw one waterfall) ponds, pools, cascades, and striking geological features. (I must admit the geological features were truly striking.) Enjoy wildlife and native plants but avoid poison oak and ticks, which are common.
The first 1.1 miles of the trail is shaded with easy, mostly level hiking. The remaining 1.4 miles is a moderate to strenuous (straight up hill equals strenuous in my book.) climb ascending 1300’ with little tree cover. The high point is 1,715’ at the end of the trail. Currently at 487-acres, this open space area is owned by the City of San Luis Obispo and maintained by the Ranger Service and the Natural Resources Program. Docents lead hikes throughout theyear; for details please call (805) 781-7302 or 544-1777.

This is the end of the trail. Please note the striking geological features.

My hiking friends, Kerry, Me, and Jamie. I have become a master of the ghetto rigged, timed camera shot. We had to do some quick pressing of two cameras and running to get to this position. Can you guess who actually did the running and pressing?

We found this totally cool bench that someone had built into the ground. I was too lazy to actually come out of my rock comfort to get a better shot...

My very first attempt at video. Mostly it is bad, but you'll get the whole scope of the thing. If you don't vomit. It was also blowing pretty hard, so you should know that was the wind, not me. By then i had completely recovered my breath.


Amanda said...

Is that the hike with the creepy teepes? Because those things are creepy.

Myriah said...

oh yeah.

Well I think, oh yeah... I only saw one tepee, but it sure was creepy.

Tara said...

Hey great job going on the hike! It looks like a great one and you're most likely much buffer because of it. I had no idea about the creepy tepee's though, wow.