Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who dat fly girl?

Mom celebrated her birthday in a big way this year. Not only did we decorate, but we put up great signs that said things like, "Who dat fly girl?"

After enjoying the signs for a few hours, we went to lunch, then on to The Tour of the Parks.

Our first stop was the park in downtown Paso, the one with the gazebo. I have no idea if that park has a name. We played Sequence, and mom opened her gift from Judy. I'm not in the picture, but my purse is, so i hope you believe that i was actually there.

The next park was in Templeton, the one with the gazebo. We did a puzzle. We are very intense puzzle do-ers.

The next place we went was the Atascadero Lake Park where we played Rummikub.

We had a thing for gazebos.

Later that evening Mary and i set up a scavenger hunt for Mom. One of her gifts would be found in the garden, as i'm sure you have already deduced.

The first clue read, "In the house, there's a clue beneath the mouse." (Or something like that.)

Well, the clue was really underneath the mouse pad, but under the mouse, nonetheless.

The next clue was a thinker.

One clue led to a gift in the dryer. Mom was so surprised, she popped up with her hair flying madly about so fast that i accidentally cut off her head in the picture.

There was nothing in the shed, but it was worth a look anyway.


Tara said...

Oh, my goodness it sounds like you did a really fab job on your mom's birthday. You really are great at birthday surprise planning. Nice work.

Tara said...
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