Thursday, December 30, 2010

California Christmas

My Christmas vacation started with a car accident. But, lots and lots of friends were around to cheer things up and make things a little bit better.

Wes needed a shampoo, and Amanda, who was one of the friends in town, had the skills to do a hospital bed shampoo and deep condition treatment. So she made it happen. I like that about her. The making it happen quality is important.

Amanda was in the area with her husband, to possibly be pictured later, and her youngest, to be pictured in my arms right now.

After a visit to the hospital to crack jokes and help Wes with his hair so he would look fine for all his lady visitors, we went to Sylvester's.

Please note the arrangement in that last picture. Napkins in easy reach. Fries close by. Drink with straw close enough to just lean over and sip. Hair pulled back. Oh, you couldn't see that. But it was pulled back. I think the best foods require physical preparation. And fo' realz, that Hana Burger was freaking delicious. Oh. man. I just got hungry for Sylvester's. Sigh.

So it was a bit on the rainy side during the Ball's visit, but we went to check out our favorite apple place anyway. As assumed, and possibly known, it was closed for the season.

But we found an awesome waterfall, and Tyler climbed it. He's such a waterfall climber. We couldn't hardly keep him in the car.

While I was home, we also decorated the tree,

went to the tree lot to try and find a reindeer,

took a few pictures with Mary,

and of course celebrated the birth of baby Jesus. (Oh fo' realz, please say you've seen that episode of Modern Family.)

The family on Christmas Eve, when we did most of the present opening:

What was everyone doing in this picture? Well, we were watching the Utah Cohens open presents! Hi guys!  

Soon after Christmas, Elle lost her first tooth. Turns out she lost her tooth one day before I lost my first tooth 20 years ago. She was happy to have beaten me by a day. She's so competitive.

On New Year's Eve we went for a hike. Bryn, Elle and Wade were particularly excited.

Greta was less excited, but that's how we like her: calm submissive.

Somehow I've never actually taken this hike. So here we are at the top.

We brought binoculars and tried to find all the Atascadero landmarks. It was a bit hard to find our house because of all the trees. At first I was sad I couldn't see the house, then remembered that I liked trees a whole lot, and suddenly I didn't mind not being able to see the house.

And, the ghetto-rigged picture that I said I would adjust and crop. Well, I didn't do that.

California in the winter means green. Oh, I love it so much.

Check out the green! We went over to Marie's house to look at the creek, but you can't see the creek in this picture because of all the green. I'm fine with that.

While I was home we did about 4 puzzles. This was the last one we did:

1,000 pieces, finished in a week. It was mind numbing. I'm glad to say we accomplished this puzzle, but I'm sick of it. I'm so sick of it, that I won't even bother turning the picture the right way. We were so sick of this puzzle that we gave it to Goodwill. I wanted to give it to the trash, but Mom suggested letting it live a bit longer. My condolences to whoever picks it up.


Jodie said...

But the puzzle glows in the DARK!!! Great synopsis of the California Christmas. was just SO much fun. Can't wait till next year!

Ky said...

Are you referring to the baby cheeses?

Myriah Cohen said...

YES! "I had your secretary order some of those baby cheeses that you like."