Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanks to the Giving

Hi! Happy Thanksgiving! This year I was able to visit my aunt, uncle and cousin in Missouri.

Let me introduce you to the humans and animals. This is my cousin Laura and Snazzy. I like him. Not only is he snazzy, but also rather sassy, and I happen to love alliteration.

Snazz was being mentored by Howdy. Right now they are looking at Rudy, who was doing something crazy.

And here we have Rudy. She wouldn't do anything crazy when I got out my camera. She just wanted to look pretty. But let me tell you, once I put my camera away, she went simply wild! That's basically how I roll too, so I could understand that. The family does have another horse, Jerry, but I couldn't get a good picture of him.

This is Zobal. He looks precious in this picture, I know. He's in my room, and he was trying to get me to let him stay and sleep there. Everyone said that he wouldn't jump up on the bed, but he's done it before, and I certainly didn't trust him.

To distract him from his idea of sleeping in my room, I fed him. it worked out pretty well.

Uncle Pat and the Green Egg. I think that is what it is called. I kept asking, and I kept forgetting. But this Green Egg is where Thanksgiving Turkey Glory is made. The turkey was quite delicious.

For those of you who don't know, this is the aunt who is the daughter of the infamous Grandma, so later that night we skyped with the family in California. No matter how much we try and explain what Skype is, I'm pretty sure Grandma will never understand.

Yes, I know you want to see a close up of the mantle decoration, so here it is:

Perhaps one of the best parts of this visit was being able to tour the town. I saw the Walmart, and the grocery store. I saw the feed shop, and even went in. We had to get grain or something. I'm not really sure, I don't usually feed horses. But what I am certain about is that while I was waiting in the feed store, I looked at the bulletin board and found this little gem: 

 I wonder if the internet exists for these people in southern Missouri. Obviously, they didn't want to go on the InterWebs, which is why they chose to dig this little paper out of the bottom of the purse, write a plea for housing and stick it up on the feed store bulletin board, but I figured I would share it on the InterWebs anyway. Maybe you could help.
 Also, we went into this fine establishment:

Who doesn't love a nice taxidermy and bead shop? Bucks and Beads. There's that alliteration again. I'm sold.


Kayde & Orion Moses said...

That puppy is so cute! They have some pretty interesting names for their animals. How far away is Missouri from Chicago?

Myriah Cohen said...

The train ride to St. Louis was 5, but it was an additional 3ish hours by car to their place.

Jodie said...

Oh what a totally amazing and cool trip! We've got to make it out to Missouri some day! And I LOVE that picture of Laura leading a horse through the mysteries of life. So great!