Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Chicago Christmas

Chicago has a plethora of skating rinks this time of year. This is the fanciest (read: most expensive) rink in Chi Town. It's down town, right next to the Bean. Actually, it turns out the Bean is actually called the Clouds' Gate. Or something. I went with some friends caroling at the Bean, or CG, and then they went ice skating. I would have gone skating too, except I didn't want to pay for it, and it looked too crowded, and plus I'm a bit petrified that I will get knocked over and some little punk will zoom right over my fingers, and then I wouldn't be able to type. Hey, that's a legit fear.

This is my street. Can you see my bus coming?

The next two pictures are of the Chicago Temple after the first snowfall.

Zoo Lights! The Lincoln Park Zoo gets all gussied up every year, and every year people go wandering through the Zoo, looking at the splendor.

The Fruity Pebbles trees:

Candy cane trees, and me and Diana.

Okay, there are two seriously cool things about Zoo Lights. First: Ice sculptures.

Second: Sleeping monkeys. The Chimp House was phenomenal. I wrote about it here.

Also, I went to see Wicked. It was simply amazing. I saw Wicked in San Fran, but the Chicago production knocked the socks off of SF. Holy jeez, it was amazing. 

No one mourns the wicked. Just sayin'.


Jodie said...

Wow! Big cities are awesome. We've got to come to Chicago to visit you some day!

Jamie Pearson said...

Those ice sculpture are awesome