Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back in Atascadero

Great news! I'm home! The first order of business was to call Grandma.

Me: Hi Grandma, it's Myriah!

Gma: Oh, hi, hi! How's the weather?

Me: Oh, I'm home! (So... look out the window.)

Gma: Great, so listen I want you to take me shopping.

Me: Sure, sounds great. When?

Gma: How about Friday or Saturday?

Me: I'm not sure, I have a wedding to go to. Can we go shopping on Thursday?

Gma: Well, I have to work out in the morning (physical therapy) but we could go in the afternoon.

Me: Sure, sounds great!

Today I went over to visit Grandma and dig out some of my coats, hats and scarves from storage.

Gma: I can't go shopping on Friday. It will be raining.

Me: Okay. (Me either.) When would you like to go? How about Thursday?

Gma: Hm, I don't think it will be raining on Thursday.

Me: So, what time?

Gma: Around 10?

Me: See you then!

So, it turns out I will be going shopping with Grandma on Thursday. She has a large list. Priority number one is to find some shoes that aren't too heavy. The current shoes that she has now, well, they are too heavy, and she just can't clunk around in them all day. She gets tired just looking at them. So I would have a frame of reference, I picked up the offending shoe. It was the lightest shoe I've ever held. Maybe the shoe salesmen will be able to sell Grandma some air?


Jodie said...

I've been thinking about your shopping trip ever since I heard you were going last night. How did it go??

Tara said...

man I've missed grandma stories! This is top knotch thanks! This is HILARIOUS!