Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Can Ride!

The last time I tried riding a bike was a complete failure. My nieces, however, thought it was hilarious. Because that day has been haunting me, and because I don't think it is quite proper for a lady not to know how to ride a bike, I went over to the Cohen's to try again.

When Elle saw me, she asked what I was doing. Her Mom said I came over to ride bikes. Elle just looked at me like, "Yeah right. Aunt Riah ride a bike? You're crazy."

So naturally I had to prove her wrong. Nothing like healthy competition between aunt and niece, is there?

I got on the bike, with the added intimidation of having the iBert attached, and proceeded to ride around a little. I was proud of myself, and I pointed out my riding skills to Elle. She said, "Yeah, but can you go fast? You go somewhere and we'll time you. I'll draw the map." Then she bent down and drew the map in the dirt. It was simple: go around the block.

So I did. I was flying! I went around in five minutes. It still didn't impress Elle. I asked, "So was that fast?"

She responded, "Not as fast as me."

Yeah, well, at least I'm old enough to go around the block by myself.


Jodie said...

Having the iBert attached probably added at least 3 minutes on your time. I'd like to see Elle ride with the iBert!

Ky said...

Haha! I love the last sentence! It has been years since I've ridden a bike. Probably since I graduated from High School. I mean, where am I supposed to find a bike lying around for me to jump on and ride? We definitely don't own any.

We almost owned one. Mike told his parents he wanted to pick up his bike when we visited once and his mom said, "No, I've been riding it." And Mike said, "But it was a birthday present. And it's a boys bike." His mom said, "Well I like it!"

I don't think she's ridden it in at least a year, but we still don't own a bike.