Saturday, October 31, 2009

Peanut Harvest

When you work full time you sometimes forget about your peanuts.

When I had planted my peanuts, I remembered reading something about harvesting in the fall and waiting until the plant was yellow. A couple weeks ago I kept thinking about my peanuts and how I should do some research on when to harvest. It is fall after all.

It was a nice thought.

More time goes by, and I decided to throw down some Internet research. Most of the websites I found said that your peanuts should be ready in about 130 days.
Perfect! This is easy! I don't have to determine yellowness, I just have to count.

So I did.
I was at 209 days. Hmm... 209.
I guess it was time for a peanut harvest.

Naturally I called the nieces and nephew over for some good gardening fun.

Well, I definitely anticipated more peanuts. A LOT MORE. For some reason, after my research on the topic, I thought I would yield more peanuts than I could handle. I had started dreaming about all the different things I could do with the peanuts. So, when I pulled them out of the ground, I was a little disappointed. It was no big thang. I wasn't over-run with peanuts. I don't know why some people scoffed at the peanut idea. They take practically no effort, they are fun to grow, you can forget about them, and everything turns out okay. It's basically a formula for my favorite kind of relationship.

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