Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jodie's Birthday

The month of October found Jodie one year older.

Naturally we had her birthday scavenger hunt. We got things started by telling her that her first clue was in one of the balloons hanging around the room. The first balloon she chose had a message that wasn't very helpful in her hunt, and she had to try again.

I loved that her clue was in the very last balloon. I don't know how it happened, but it happened.

That last clue led everyone outside to the clothes line. However, the clue was not found right away. So, after looking in a few more locations, it was decided to check the clothes line again.

AND SUCCESS! The clue was found under the apron!

Happy Birthday Jodie!


Amanda said...

Is her cake Buddy from Dinosaur Train? Because that's Lillian's new favorite show and recounts each episode in vivid detail every day at least 40 times.

Jodie said...

Yes Amanda...that is a somewhat mis-colored Buddy. It's a favorite over here too!

Myriah said...

I have no idea what a Dinosaur Buddy Train is.