Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Few Loves

I have a few loves in my life. One is the library. One is autumn. One is the Colony Days Parade, and another is field show competitions.

Early in October we made the short trek to the Colony Days parade route.

And, as we exited the tunnel, we could see the fun!

I didn't know about these doughnut holes for the longest time. It was practically lunch time when I finally discovered them. But, apparently, the grand kids had been munching on them all morning!

A ride in a train always makes Colony Days memorable.

Fresh from the train ride.

Things were going quite well at Colony Days, and I was enjoying myself immensely when something happened to make my excitement level go through the roof: I found out that there was going to be a field show competition!

Yeah! That's right! The bands that competed in the parade were going to compete in a field show competition as well!! AND THEN! I learned that it was going to be at the High School! Only a short walk from my house! AND THEN! AND THEN! I learned that Inglewood had made the trip up here to participate in our little competition!

Field show competition???? With Inglewood???? Are you kidding me? It's gonna be awesome!!!

There was no way I was going to miss this!

Do you see that? Yeah, that's a guitar.
And no, this is not Inglewood.
You will know Inglewood when you see them.

The cute little Atascadero High School Marching Band.

Please forgive any shakiness of the video, I was simply quite excited.

And in the end, we came home to have a nice bowl of kettle corn and Nerds.

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