Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pheasant Head

Last weekend was the Primary Program in home ward, and I decided I had better attend after Elle gave me a personal invitation. She did swimmingly, but this post isn't about Elle. Sorry. It's about pheasants.

I was walking into the church building with Mother when a lady who was behind us gasped in astonishment and said, "MYRIAH!"

I thought to myself, "Geez, I've been to church before, what's the big deal?"

After gaining her breath she said, "How did you do that with your hair? It is amazing! In the sun it looks exactly like a pheasant feather! It is simply gorgeous, was it hard to do?"

I said it was not hard to do, I simply crimped my hair.

After staring at my hair for a moment longer we proceeded into the chapel and I proceeded to wonder what a pheasant feather looked like.

At the end of Sunday School one of the members of the ward was walking in the pew behind me and said, "Myriah! Your hair is amazing! It looks exactly like a pheasant feather! Black and white, black and white... how did you do that?"

What?! Two pheasant comments in one day? WHAT DOES A PHEASANT FEATHER LOOK LIKE???? And why is everyone so knowledgeable about pheasants?

I only crimped my hair, people... how is this a new idea? Where was everyone in the 80's?

Anyway, I tell these stories later that night at dinner, and everyone seemed rather stumped as to what a pheasant feather really looked like. Besides, obviously, it looking "just like" my hair.

I turn around and Father handed me a feather. A pheasant feather. He happened to have one in his shed. So, naturally, I stuck it in my hair for everyone to compare and contrast.


Liji and Christina Waite said...

Wow, We are stunned. Your hair does look gorgeous and Liji commented how long it is. But where is the pheasant feather?:) Liji says you better not go into any fields like that because if he saw your hair in a field he would definately mistake it for a pheasant and shoot at it. Just be careful. There may be hunters around.

Ky said...

Simply amazing. You may as well join a pheasant flock. Who knew?!

But please steer clear of hunting season.

Jodie said...

I'm surprised how well that pictures turned out. I guess I took enough to have at LEAST one good one!

Tara said...

Wow that is amazing...the whole time I was reading this I was thinking...what does a pheasant feather look like...that is amazing that your Dad just happened to have one. They do look remarkably alike I must say.