Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mom, I shot a gun.

Tonight for FHE, we went shooting. I guess that is what happens when all of your FHE brothers are from Preston, Idaho. It was fabulous. We had a really great time, and no one shot their eye out.

We drove out to the middle of nowhere (not hard in Idaho) and spent the evening shooting at things.

The guys let us shoot the most, but you can tell they are really in their element.

This is Kathleen in her element. She thinks guns are funny. This is a grave mistake: guns are not funny Kathleen, not funny at all.


Amanda said...

Two gun related posts in a row. It sounds like a "you know you live in Idaho if..." joke.

Myriah said...

It is.

Tara said...

UMMM....first it seems that there are alot of pictures of the guy in the tan shirt was he hogging the "show your fhe sisters how to shoot" time? Also I agree with you that guns are not funny!