Saturday, May 12, 2007


I think i may be addicted to running. I went running this morning and then later in the afternoon contemplated running again, but disregarded it because i had to make a cake.

In high school i would never contemplate running, let alone running twice in a day. In fact, i'm pretty sure that any time i had to run in P.E. it was the worst thing ever.
So mostly i have no idea what has happened to me. It's like someone took over, and it certainly isn't me.


Jodie said...

Are you possessed?

Myriah said...

I must be.

mcbc said...

I remember having to run the mile and a half at AJHS. It was the most dreaded day of the school year, because it was "so far." One time during that run I thought I would be cool because there were some fancy ladies around and I tried to jump over a garbage can, but tripped and fell on my face. I wanted to cry, but I laughed to hide my pain

Myriah said...

oh man, "I wanted to cry, but i laughed to hide my pain."

That is so deep.

Thank you for that...
Thank you.