Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This is the snake river. Idaho is semi pretty only in the summer. Some people may argue that it is pretty in the winter, but i don't notice it. I am usually overwhelmed by the frigid temperatures, treacherous icy walks to school with the wind blowing me around on the sidewalk and the general depression i get in the winter to notice anything kinda pretty.

A field.

Me and the field. (this is all Idaho is. I would show another really great landscapy picture, but it would just be another field. In the winter they are brown and dirty white.)

A creepy old house next to an Idaho field.

This road is called Pole Line Road. And it really is very very straight. It goes forever. So i took a picture of Kathleen, and then i thought, "Hey, this road is rarely used, and i have a timer on my camera, i want to be in the picture too." So i set up my camera, and just as we run down and get posed, this truck comes barrelling around the corner onto Pole Line Road, apparently oblivious to my car with it's hazard lights and us in the street. Anyway, we had to sprint after the camera, and we got there barely in time. But we got a cool picture out of it. It was my favorite one that night.


H B said...

Man!! those are nice pics!!

Amanda said...

You could launch a colon ad campaign. Blog: updated. Lilies: considered. Life: done.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you saved your camera and yourself and got a picture of pole road. gj

Anonymous said...

P.s. I guess your jogging has come in handy! gj

Tara said...

Man not only are you an amazing photographer but you also risk your life for your art...I'm thinking it must have been totally freaky to see that truck barreling toward you and I'm sure glad nobody died...then who would be my BFF?