Monday, May 14, 2007

Graduation BBQ

Sister Winchester is the advisor to our Relief Society. She wanted to throw me a graduation party, a great idea, so we had it on Mother's Day. We all made her really great cards.

I requested a BBQ, and it was simply delightful.

There was tons of food, and we all got stuffed. We had hamburgers, fruit, (my first watermelon of the year), and BBQed asparagus and bell peppers. We got so stuffed that we had to take naps.

Later we went around the house realizing the full extent of the Winchester name:

We shot our eyes out.

I asked Sister Winchester if i marry into her family, if i could take my engagement pictures in this bathroom. She said yes.


Amanda said...

I'm sorry I couldn't come, but since when do you have 'relief society advisers?' What's the deal on that?

Myriah said...

Oh, it's this wonderful thing, where High Council men's wives or bishop's wives are called to oversee a relief society. we have two relief societies in our ward, and we have the high council man's wife, Sister Winchester. Basically, they work with the presidency of the RS and make sure they don't do anything too wrong. I love it. They offer advice and encouragement. It's beautiful.

Tara said...

Man, it looked like a great time... sorry I missed it (I think a little more so than Amanda because I know sister winchester and how great she is), the food looked beautiful. I agree that have the family background does lay the ground work for a great engagement photo as well as a solid future marriage.