Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Phase 2

For Phase 2 we hopped on a train, hopped on another train, got off at the wrong stop, then hopped in a taxi to take us to Anong Thai to meet up with friends for dinner. It was straight up delicious. I love that place.

On the left is Amanda, my roommate, and on the right is Hope. 

We ordered papaya salad and shrimp rolls (with bacon). That's my plate at the bottom of the picture. See that tomato?

I'm going to eat it.

Turns out there was some mega spicy pepper nestled in there. And this is how I felt about it:

Things turned around once I realized Shermeka and I were wearing matching coats.

Hope and Diana made me this cake. It was delicious, and I highly recommend it. You should know it's not actually cake, but mostly ice cream and pretzels. Really, if I were to describe it, I think I would use one word: happiness.

At dinner Amanda mentioned that she never saw Tangled. I told her it was playing at the theater around the corner, and that we could probably catch a viewing in about 45 minutes. We busted out our phones, confirmed the time, and we went to see Tangled for $4. It was a great birthday.


Marissa said...

OH man that cake looks so good! What nice friends you have! Glad you had a great brithday!

Tara said...

Are you posing like that with the cake to display your nails you painted during the blizzard? Man you're birthday sounds like :)