Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Phase 1

I think all birthdays should come in phases, and mine started at the John Hancock Building, on the 94th floor.

I went ice skating with my friend Diana. They call it "Skating in the Sky" and I think that's fairly accurate.

We got up there just as the sun was going down. This is Lake Shore Drive.

And, Lake Shore Drive once the lights came on. This is the road that got hammered by the blizzard, with all the cars getting stuck on the road overnight.

Have I ever told you that I love Chicago? Well, I do. I love it. There. It's official. Check out the traffic in this one:

And all the ice in this one:

The roads are on fire.

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Tara said...

this is sooooo aweseome. We have to go there when I come to visit...unless it's they have a swimming pool there in the summer? cause that would be real nice.