Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trains and Elder Bednar

I had heard rumors that a General Authority was going to be visiting the area sometime in April.
A few weeks go by, and I find out the General Authority will be Elder Bednar, that he will be speaking on the 24th in Ventura, and only those people who live within an hour of Ventura were invited to attend.


Oh wait, I remember! I was going to visit Elizabeth that weekend!

Problem solved.

So, after leaving very late on Friday evening because Peter needed to participate in the ward talent show, we left for the City of Angles. Or, the City of Pretentiousness. But whatev.

The next morning, after a leisurely breakfast, we rode the rails all over the city. Did you know LA has a subway system?

Well, they do, and it's pretty cool.

This was the station at Hollywood and Vine:

Check out the ceiling!

We went to the Walt Disney Concert Hall,

The Los Angeles City Public Library (which was mega cool),

And we also so a lot of pigeons.

That evening was the fireside with Elder Bednar, and it was awesome. If you want to know more, you will need to call me and we can discuss it at length. It was the best session I think I've ever been to. I think.

Sunday morning Peter left, and I spent the day with Elizabeth. That evening I bought a ticket home on Amtrak. I've never ridden the train, and it was basically a good time. Elizabeth took me to the Camarillo stop to board the train, and did you know there isn't hardly anything there? Nope, just a parking lot, a kiosk, and a boarding information sign. Apparently, that's all you need to make a train station.

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Ky said...

That ceiling freakin' rocks!