Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Big Thing

Last Monday I finally purchased my ticket to Chicago. It was a big thing. I had Mother there with me for moral support. Also, I was sick, so I needed someone to look over my work so I didn't accidentally buy a plane ticket for 2011 or something.

Anyway, I had all these plans about how I was going to get a cheap plane ticket. I could use my credit card points to pay for some of the ticket. I could try and fly at off hours. I could just go with the airline that lets bags fly free. I could try and use my United frequent flier miles, but I've had those miles since 2005, and they haven't gotten me anywhere yet. Because United is one of the two airlines that flies out of San Luis Obispo, I went to their website and found that you can now use your miles on one-way flights! Woot woot! So I made my flight selection, and only had to pay $5.00 for additional taxes and fees. Yeah! That's right! Five dollah ticket! Wicka wicka woot!


Jodie said...

I love that you got it for $5...amazing! Still...I don't want you to go. I am selfish and want Aunt Riah here forever more. Seriously.

Jamie Pearson said...

so are you moving to Chicago or just going to visit? Man i haven't talked to you in so long. Hope everything is going well for ya

Kayde & Orion Moses said...

That is amazing! Chicago is not going to now what hit them when you get there. It is going to be so great!