Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweating Like a Sweaty Guy

Paula Abdul just taught me how to do the George Jetson.

Today in Netflix I received Paula Abdul's Get Up & Dance. It's sheer brilliance! Tonight I put on my spandex and wore my pony high. I would have laced up my high tops if I had any. I started Paula's workout and made it all the way through the warm up.

Then I had to take a break.

I learned the first segment of the dance, and then I just couldn't go on. My body hurt. My brain hurt. I was sweating like a sweaty guy. So I went and changed my shirt, grabbed my yoga mat, and watched the rest of the video from the floor. I did join in on the cool down, which included a killer ab segment with your arms and hands in all sorts of crazy positions.

You have got to try this video. It's awesome. And, if the hot tub time machine ever takes you to 1994, you will have some killer dance moves when you go to the club. You might as well be prepared and go get Paula Abdul's Get Up & Dance. Go get it. Get it right now. And then maybe one day we can do the routine together.


Tara said...

wow! I think I will have to get this from netflicks as well...maybe we should do it together..

Ky said...

This sounds awesome! Mike wants to get a Netflix account so he can stream videos to his iPad. Of course. Anyway, if we get it I'll rent this sucker!