Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding, Donut, and IKEA

This may look like a typical Thursday morning.
However, it's an atypical Thursday morning.
Thursday mornings do not often find me with a hat on, hanging out with the Griffith sisters at Dynamo Donut + Coffee.
I wish they did, but they just don't.

You see, my friend KD got married that afternoon, and on that Thursday morning, we hijacked her from her hotel room in Oakland and took her out to San Fransisco for one beautiful thing:

Wedding Day Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Donuts!

I saw Dynamo Donuts on the Food Network, and after the initial reaction of disgust, I decided I must try a bacon donut. As we were telling KD about this donut experience, she thought it sounded a bit shady and that it was likely the donut would disagree with us, and we would all throw up at her sealing, which she was strongly against.

Because she's the bride, we respected her wishes and behaved properly, so don't worry about that. See how happy she is because we didn't throw up?

The next morning we found ourselves at Denny's ordering Pancake Puppies. Cute little balls of pancake? What's not to love?! I was digging into my 4th pancake pup, when I realized these are less pancake and more donut, and I had to stop. A girl should really only eat so many donuts in her lifetime, even if they are cute.

After the puppy massacre, we went to IKEA, where I found out I look good in gray,

I found a long lost friend (look! It's Kylie!)

and Tara and I discovered we would make lovely cooking show hosts.

I've never been to IKEA.
It sure is exhausting.


Jamie Pearson said...

I could totally see you and Tara as hosts on a cooking show. It would be so entertaining.

Jessica said...

MYRIAH!! This is Jessica (Peck) Winger! Remember me?! I found your blog through Tara's. It is so good to see what you have been up to. You seem to be doing great! :) By the way, I have a blog too. If you send me your email address I can send you an invite. My email is
THanks! I hope to keep in touch!

Ky said...

Woohoo! I made the post! I really enjoyed your cooking show. I'm just a little bummed though, because I didn't go home with a cool prize.