Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bike Greta

Problem: I needed to be at FHE with a lesson and activity by seven. I would get home by 5:30. I needed to eat something and walk Greta. Greta needed a nice long walk so she would be exhausted, and not try to chew everything in sight after I left. Obviously, I didn't have time to walk Greta for hours. I could run her, but I tire out way before she does, and plus I didn't want to be sweaty before I gave the lesson at FHE.

Solution: Bicycle. I could ride, Greta could run, it would be fast and effective!

I'm brilliant.

Problem: I don't own a bike.
Problem: I haven't ridden a bike for at least five years.

Solution: I walked Greta over to Brandon and Jodie's, and Jodie generously offered the use of her bike. Now, my nieces had just learned to ride two wheelers, and they said, "Does Aunt 'Riah know how to ride a two wheeler?" Turns out not so much. After trying on every helmet the girls brought me, I tried to take the bike out for a little spin. I was terrible! I couldn't even turn! What happened to the confidence and skill I had when I was ten? Are the glory years gone??

No matter, after a wobbly 50 yards I told Brandon I was ready to try taking Greta with me. I had her leash in hand and started to pedal. I went down the road a little, then turned around to head back to their house. Doing so, I basically ran into Greta and kinda fell off the bike. I looked up to see Brandon and Jodie doubled over with laughter. It was very funny, and obviously quite unsuccessful.

But I will dominate that bike! I will! It can't bring me down!

In the meantime, maybe we should get Greta a treadmill.

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