Saturday, June 5, 2010

All The Difference

Oh man, I heart summer.

Around lunch time on Friday I received a text from Jodie. They were going to go to Avila to have a BBQ around 4 if I wanted to join them. My answer was of course YES and I asked them to bring me a change of clothes and a jacket. The beach can get windy you know.

When I got to the beach I immediately regretted my decision. A jacket? Are you kidding? I should have had them bring me a swim suit! It was gorgeous! It was 5:30 in the evening and it was beautiful!

You know, maybe I should just start keeping a bathing suit in my car.

The girls were all about surfing. You see how they are standing in the surf? Well, when a big wave comes along, they will bring their arms up for balance and catch a wave. It's only pretend, of course. They know it's not real surfing. Just because they are kids doesn't mean they have an inaccurate idea of what surfing is. Jeez.

While the girls contemplated the waves, Wade had his own work to do. You see, the ocean kept spitting out all this sand. Wade, being the astute man he is, realized the sand needed to go back into the ocean, so handful by handful he threw it back. A passerby looked at him and saw the millions of handfuls of sand waiting to be tossed back. The passerby said, "With all this sand, how do you expect to make a difference?" Wade picked up another handful, tossed it into the ocean and said, "To that handful, I made all the difference in the world."


Jodie said...

Oh man...I heart summer too. It was absolutely amazing that night. Thanks for coming!

Melanie said...

Myriah--you are great. I watched a little video of you playing in the waves with the girls and thought that Elle and Byrn are lucky to have such a fun aunt.
It sounds like an awesome time was had by all and Wade's profound actions have left me deeply moved.

Laura said...

Wade is so wise.