Sunday, December 27, 2009

Grandma's got The Crud.

This year I got a cold during the Christmas holidays. Usually when one person gets a cold in the house, everyone else can ward it off pretty well.

That didn't happen this year.

I got a cold, then the kids got a cold, Mary, then Dad, then Brandon and Jodie got sick as well. It's nice to see how unified we have become.

Paul, Marissa and Mother, however, the stalwart ones, have yet to experience any symptoms, but we'll see.

Grandma had spent time with us as well, and she was doing fine.

This morning she called the house and I answered the phone:

Me: Hey Grandma.
Gma: Hey, how you doing?
Me: Okay, how are you?
Gma: Is your father there?
Me: Sure.
Gma: I think I've caught The Crud.

If you think you have caught The Crud, I'm sorry to say, you may have picked it up at our house. We are pretty sure that is where Grandma got it.


Jodie said...

So sorry Grandma. I hope she doesn't have the same Crud as we do...then she wouldn't be able to hear or talk...bad combo. I hope she's good at charades.

Ky said...

HAHAHA! I love Grandma. I love her. I'm sorry she has The Crud, but man...what a laugh for me!

I'm one of those stalwart ones who rarely gets sick. Getting sick sucks. But honestly, I'm not sure what sucks more because I end up taking care of all the sickies.

Marissa said...

Audrey got it. She was pretty snotty for a couple of days and now she has a nasty cough. She sounds like a smoker. I have an itchy throat, so I might be coming down with it next. Paul won't get it because he never gets sick.