Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Miracles

Is it too early to discuss Christmas Miracles? We have a few days yet before Christmas, so there might be a Christmas Miracle that has yet to happen, but I so wanted to post on Christmas Miracles. I dearly love them. They seem to happen to me all the time. I'm sure they happen to you as well. The first of the season happened the night of Vine Street. You see, it had been pouring rain all day and it didn't look like there was going to be any chance to make it there this year. We were quite distraught as we had heard the Grinch was to make his Vine Street debut.

Well, we were eating dinner in rather glum spirits when Mother suddenly noticed that it had stopped raining. (Christmas Miracle #1) Mother hollered, "Everybody get in the car!!!!!!!!!"
So we did. We went to pick up Jodie and the kids, and then we picked up Judy, and we were on our way to Paso. And we did it. We got to see the Grinch.

It was a dream come true. I recommend making those pictures larger, and you will see how awesome they are. And how awesome his set was. Well, after we had our fill of the Grinch, we walked around a bit more, and soon it started to rain. No problem, I'll just employ my hood. (The hood on a new jacket that I bought in the summer at half price which is not really a Christmas Miracle because it happened mid-summer, so it's more of a mid-summer type Miracle, so we won't count it here in our Christmas miracle list even though this jacket and its price point were truly miraculous.)

After a few more minutes in the rain, it became necessary to head back to the car. By then it was pouring down and we were quite wet. Upon reaching the car, I still had to wait a while in the rain as I was one of the last people to get into the van. Finally, it was my turn and everyone was beckoning me in. So, blinded by the rain and my hood, I hurled myself toward the opening of the van. With a thud my head hit the top of the door frame and I fell backward.

I totally did not see that coming.

Judy caught me as I splashed into the gutter. Embarrassed, I slowly climbed into my seat and took stock of my injuries.

No blood.
No gash.
No broken skin.
Head throbbing.
Goose egg forming.
Very warm to the touch.
Vision improved.


Vision improved??? It was a Christmas Miracle.

Yesterday Paul and Marissa arrived at our house. Their daughter Audrey takes a while to warm up to people, even if she's met you before. I didn't have high hopes for her remembering that she liked me. I estimated 24 hours. Within 48 minutes of her arrival, Audrey willingly hugged me. Christmas Miracle #3.

So every Sunday after Church, Mother goes to pick up Grandma. She takes the same route nearly every time. I've taken this route many times in my life. Those roads are full of deer. I would say almost 80% of the time I will spot a deer. Well, today I had the pleasure of the Grandma pick-up, and as we traveled the same roads as always we saw some deer. Grandma gasped. "Oh!" She says. "I haven't seen a deer this close in a very long time!"

"It's a Christmas Miracle!" said Mother.

Christmas Miracle #4, Mother.

Christmas Miracle number four.


Xiaoshan said...

I love a Christmas miracle. Christmas miracle#2 reminds me of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when they are talking about the little girl who previously had crossed eyes: "she falls down a well, her eyes get crossed. Kicked by a mule and they uncross" or something like that (I'm paraphrasing here). So it seems that this event is not without some precedent.

Dark Horse said...

Speaking of Christmas miracles, I just heard "Christmas Shoes" on the radio.

Ky said...

This is my favorite post in at least 4 months.

It's a Christmas Miracle!!!