Saturday, November 14, 2009

100 Is Old

This was a mistake.

I basically knew it would be, but I ate it anyway. You see, I've never eaten one before, and I was on a road trip. It just seemed like the ideal time to venture a MoonPie. I was certainly wrong. But on to other things, eh? How about a stop at the General Patton Memorial Museum? We had lunch there. It was wicked hot, but we did it anyway. Here we have the Wades eating over at the boy table. We are all about boy girl separation these days.

I know, I know, I need to explain myself. You see, last weekend was my Great Grandma's 100th birthday celebration. Yeah! I know right! One hundred years! Holy smokes! I wasn't going to miss that party, and neither was my family. So we crammed as many people as we could into the van and headed to Phoenix. At the end of the 10ish hour drive, Elle proudly proclaimed how awesome she was for not sleeping even once on the trip.

Way to go Elle.
But back to the General Patton Memorial Museum. I saw this guy there, and his outfit was so ridiculous, I simply had to take a picture.

Did you notice the socks and the Birkenstocks? Did you notice his holster of electronics?
Good. I'm glad you noticed all those things.

Like last time, we rented a house so we could all stay in the same place. This house was a "ranch with a modern interior" and they weren't kidding about it being "modern". I have decided I like the look of modern but I simply couldn't live with it for any serious amount of time.

Please notice Jodie's expression in the above photo. This is her Kitchen Face. According to my research, she almost always makes this face when she is in the kitchen. She probably didn't know this, so I figured I would use this forum to inform her of her Kitchen Face.

I would like to make a plug for renting houses while you are on vacation with your family. It beats the pants off renting hotel rooms. Everyone gets to be in one place, all together. This is (hopefully) more fun. The kids get to run around screaming like crazies and it's no problem. Also, the adults get to play high intensity and/or hilarious games after the children go to bed. ALSO, houses usually come with yards and kitchens, so we get to play outside, and make our own meals instead of eating out the whole time. AND, when it comes down to it, the costs are relatively comparable. I'm just saying. Renting is da bomb dot com.

For example, would this scene have happened in a hotel? I think not.

Here we have a cousin face-off for the last juice box:

But please, with all the wonderful, positive attributes of vacationing with the immediate family, let us not forget that we came to Arizona to celebrate 100 years!

Thanks to my Great Grandma, I've got cousins:

Yes. That's a side-bun I'm sporting. Mary helped me with it. You want to see a closer picture? Okay. Here is the bun at the end of the day:

And here we have the men... looking at something. They are looking at a kid, I'm guessing.

Another perk of staying in the same place as your family is the increase of available shoes. Audrey spent all weekend trying on Bryn and Elle's shoes.

Bryn's favorite part about vacation is the permission to run in the sprinklers at 8:30 in the morning.

Everyone was in charge of a meal. Brandon chose to grill hamburgers, and Paul chose supervision.

After dinner, the girls had the option of reading bed time stories or playing a game.
Duck Duck Goose was chosen every night.

We play elimination Duck Duck Goose. You see all those people on the couch behind Brandon? They were eliminated.
The last three were Brandon, Paul, and Bryn. That wasn't surprising, as they were the favorites from the start.

Sunday was the perfect time for a few family pictures.
This weekend was the first time that Wade and Audrey have met since their existence.

Later we went to the Grandparent's house for some more family bonding.

Don't mess with these guys:

Some old people:

Happy Birthday Great Grandma! Wicka wicka!


Amanda said...

We've stopped at the General Patton museum before! I'm still kinda bummed we didn't get to see you while you were in the same state as us. But it looks like you had adequate compensation for our absence. Wow. 100.

Jodie said...

That was intense. Almost as intense as my alleged kitchen face.

Jamie Pearson said...

wow that is great 100 years old. Looks like you had a blast. we are hopefully renting a house out here for a pearson family reunion this summer on the beach. I'm super excited.

Xiaoshan said...

Excellent write up. I think my favorite picture was the one of Wade (with a sucker) w/ your Dad (Wade the Elder) and some other guy on the couch.

Myriah said...

Oh yeah, that's Uncle Ed.

Tara said...

It was a great write up! It looks like it was a blast. Excellent job on the side bun by the way. Also I loved the pic labeled "Old people" it made me laugh.

Marissa said...

I think you must have had a bad moon pie. I think they are good. At one point they sold them at the BYU bookstore for like $.25 and I got one almost everyday.