Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stronger than the ocean

As many of you know, and as Brandon really knows, Jodie and the kids have come out to California for a visit. We have had a crazy fun time, all of which will be blogged about, but man, there is a lot to cover, so we will start right here, at the beach.

Jodie, Elle and Bryn are waiting for the water to "get" them.

It's a little bit scary, so at the first sign of potential threat of wetness, Elle takes off to the safety of Grandma and drier ground.

Bryn could only wait a little longer before she fled.

Leaving Jodie all alone, daring the waves to reach her feet.
They never did.
Jodie's will was stronger than the ocean.

Also, it just so happened on that day there was some sort of surfing competition to add to the general excitement.

As the girls were running around, Bryn took a spill (as usual) and we ended up taking off her pants.
From then on, she was able to run around in the water without the fear of getting her pants wet. Elle was smart and had worn a dress to the beach, so she could just hike that up and out of the way as she played.

Also, this is Wilma. The point of this picture is for you to see her eyes. We aren't quite sure what color they are, it seems to change all the time. Are they gray, blue, or green? What ever they are, we love them.


Tara said...

Wow, Jodie is strong, poor Brin loosing her pants ended up being a good thing, Elle is smart (I think I'm going to need a beach dress) and your dog is...adorable!

Marissa said...

How fun! Jodie is really strong. I have been waiting patiently for a post about the visit and the new puppy. I can't wait for more! We are going to try to call tonight (after Sunday dinner of course), so hopefully you guys will not be too busy to talk to us.

farfar said...

Such a cute puppy and I want to play at the beach!

Amanda said...

Do you think if I wait long enough, the waves will come get me here in Tucson?

Ky said...

Oh Wilma!! You got her! I just want to play with those ears right now.

These are some fabulous pictures, Myr. I, yes--the girl who never goes in water--am compelled to get my feet wet. I think I would probably take my pants off Bryn-style.