Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Me, in a word search

We usually have a birthday dinner on our birthdays, then an extended family dinner on a Sunday. I have the honor of sharing the same birthday month with Grandma and Marie. I know, how could it get any better?

So on Sunday we all gathered for a little celebration. This year Mother has been doing word searches. She comes up with about 20 words that describe the birthday person and makes a word search. Then, after dinner, everyone competes to finish the word search. It started with Dad's birthday in December. He had words like, "Giants, Holland Grill, shed, lawn mower," and many more. Mary had words like "make-up, sushi, massage therapy," so I was interested to find out what words mom would use to describe me.

Well, I shared my word search with Grandma and Marie, so I didn't get as many words as Dad or Mary. (Side note, this was Mother's biggest word search, and Grandma and Marie were actually unable to finish it, it was so intense.) But these were the words Mother chose for me:

Honda Civic
Hiking boots
The Office
BYU Idaho

I think she did a good job. What words would you choose for me?

What words would your mother choose for you?


Amanda said...

For you, I'd add Chapstick, correspondence, awesome, and probably superfly.

Ky said...

For you, the list would include:
Wicka Wicka
Little Guy

My mom would probably use these for me:
Dove Truffle Eggs

Yep. The list would mostly be food and my kid. Also, she might add Edit to the list...

Kira said...

I would use:
Wicka wicka (I know it was already said, but it fits you so well)

Claire said...


Marissa said...

I would add

Lilian Jackson Braun
Gilmore Girls
flip flops

My mom would probably choose for me,

grilled cheese

Yours are way cooler, I am pretty boring.

BTW, I netflixed Gilmore girls season 7 and just finished them last week.

Myriah said...


Finally, Marissa, you finished season 7. I'm so proud of you. Netflixing a season takes dedication. Mary and I are listening to the last episode of season 7 right now, in fact.

Tara said...

For you I would add:
-high school musical
(I cant believe these were not included)
-Lappy (after all it's one of your top 3)

For me I think my Mom would put:
-OT or gradschool
-BYU-Idaho (twins!!)
-romantic comedy
(Callie suggested some of these so I'm not sure if they would all be included by my Mom)

Jana and Ray said...

hands on a hard body, interpretive dancing

Ky said...

Hands on a Hard Body!! I totally forgot about that!