Thursday, December 18, 2008


Tonight I pulled up to Longs and found a man waving. It wasn't a small wave, it was a landing-planes kind of wave. I step out of my car and suddenly I hear sirens and lights. The man wasn't landing a plane. He was landing a fire truck.

The EMTs that stepped out of the truck didn't seem to be in much of a hurry, but I let them into the store first so I wouldn't be in the way. After they passed, I noticed they went right, and my business was to the left. As I was wondering around I thought: What kind of a blogger would I be if I didn't even have a story to go with this picture? And what kind of looky-loo would I be if I didn't go look or loo?

So I wondered over and I didn't see much but a man on the floor and some professionals trying to revive him. So, after feeling a bit guilty for being so lame and looky-looing, I started to leave the aisle when I found calendars! It was great! I even found one that wasn't lame, and I decided to purchase it! Wicka wicka woot! I was so excited. It was like there was a purpose to my looky-looing afterall.

This experience also reminded me of the time I was working at the Cal Poly Bookstore during first week of classes and someone passed out right in front of my register and I didn't manage to notice it.

(Also, I noticed while I was retrieving this photo that my phone labels pictures by the date they were taken. Brilliant no? If only I had figured that out earlier....)

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Mark said...

So, um... did the guy die?

And I like the hybridized use of both wicky wicky and woot. Man, who thought to combine those two phrases??? Genius.