Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Announcement

The other day Mother and Father gathered Mary and I and announced they were going to get a dog.

Say what?!

This is the best day of my life!

They have decided on a German Short Hair Pointer.

We have been discussing names, and as it seems the name Severus has been thrown out the window, Father is really pushing for the names Amber or Ginger.

Tonight at dinner Grandma says, "If I'm going to have anymore great granddaughters, I think their names should be Amber or Ginger."

We told her Father wanted to name the dog that, and Grandma was absolutely appalled.


Jodie said...

Please tell me the new dog will be coming when the other Cohen dogs are visiting? That would be so much fun. From the name choices, I'm assuming the dog will be a fun!

Marissa said...

No way! They can just have Tobey if they want. Just kidding, Paul would never let me get rid of him. It would fun if she got there when Tobey and Taffy were there.

Myriah said...

Well, this new puppy hasn't been born yet, apparently. Or, maybe she is being born as we speak. But we estimate we should welcome this new pup into our lives in February.

And I would pick Taffy over Tobey. Taffy cuddles better.