Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had a beautifully rainy Christmas this year. It was quite good, and the day and the splendor that is Christmas was all quite smashing.

So, the Christmas update begins with The Cat being invited in the house. This is the first time The Cat has come inside. Mother is allergic to cats, so The Cat needs to generally stay outside, but in the Christmas spirit we let her wander around the living room for a bit. The Cat, not Mother. Mother can wander around the living room as much as she likes, and she often likes to wander quite a bit.

Also, Mother scored some sweet drawing materials. If I were to try and describe her reaction to this gift, I may say she was quite excited.

So, that sums up Christmas morning. It was a lot of fun, a bit overwhelming, and quite ground breaking. The next photos are of the Christmas table, and as I am obsessed with table settings, there are a lot of photos.

You may notice Mother in the previous photo, working hard on our holiday meal. The funny thing is she was in charge of two dishes, both which magically didn't make it to the table. One was found after dinner in the fridge, and the other was remembered by Father the next afternoon and was discovered in the oven.

We were running short on time as I was making the place cards, so I wasn't able to gussy them up with anything like a white snowflake stamp with glitter. Instead, I decided to write "Merry Christmas" on the inside of the cards. That lasted for one or two cards, then I started changing it up.
I thought mine was brilliant.

P.S., I really love how reflective everything on the table was. I love that I can see the stemware on the plates. So cool.

Another cool thing was the pickle bouquet:

And the crowning glory of the meal was this delicious cake that from far away looks like it's covered in shaggy white fur.

We had the standard peeps at dinner, but we also had a bonus! The Malletts came! Woot woot!

I like this picture because it shows our tree, which I love (the star is great) and it also reminds me that I was at the back of the line (you can't see the line) and that I was incredibly hungry and I had to wait and wait and wait and wait. It also reminded me that while I was waiting I would try and get Grandma situated, but that was a lot more hassle than I thought it might be. No surprise there. I should have seen it coming.

And Mike taking a buddy shot with the crazy cake with white chocolate shavings.

Merry merry merry Christmas.


Amanda said...

I'm jealous I couldn't be there. And, I didn't even know you had a cat.

farfar said...

Wow your table looks amazing. Too bad about your moms food even though forgetting both things is kind of funny. Oh and I love how excited your mom was about her art supplies. Thanks so much for coming to the wedding it was great to have you there.

Shalyn said...

Those are some pretty great pictures! I am very much admiring them!