Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some Stuff

I'm trying desperately to think of something to post about.
I keep coming back to my blog and thinking, "Man, someone should really update this thing."

I'm pretty sure that responsibility lands on my shoulders, so I've been kicking around some topics that maybe i could discuss, none of which i really felt could stand alone as a dope post.

So, anyway, what i've been thinking:

1. I'm not sure how long to keep my Easter candy. Should I just devour it? Should i hang onto it for emergencies? I usually have a plan of action, but not this year. I'm lost.
All alone, and lost.

2. I could post about how i worked at the Cal Poly bookstore last week, and tell of my experiences there, like the woman who fainted in front of my register, or these two other register-mate guys who were discussing whether Braveheart or Gladiator was the Ultimate Man Movie. I couldn't quite discern the qualities that make the Ultimate Man Movie, but they were sure passionate about it. I like passion.

Then another time, this guy came to my register, but i had to go get more cash money, so i told him to just move on to the next register. We really weren't that busy, and that register was available. Suddenly this woman comes out of nowhere, pokes him in the back and says, "Hey, I'm suppose to be on the orange O." (Right, so that might not make sense. See, at Poly, they have their registers lined up in two rows, and as you go through the line, the line director tells you which register to go to, as to keep the lines moving. The registers aren't numbered well, so they put down letters in various colors, spelling out Cal Poly on the ground in front of each register. Now, the point of the line is to get through the line, not stay on your appointed letter. Many times i will suddenly have no one to help, but a hundred students around me. So i would look at the person waiting at the next register, and ask, "can i help you?" and they always look at me like i'm crazy. "Could they really get off their letter and come to my register? What about the person who was about 25 people behind them in line who may get assigned my register next?"

Look, peeps, Do you want to stay here forever? Don't you want to leave? Then just come to my register and you can get out of here.

So anyway, i was walking away from my register when the lady who was suppose to be on the orange O busted that kid for taking her spot, even though he was ahead of her in line. Man, was she mean about it. She was TICKED. So i say to her, "Oh, i'm sorry. It's my fault your life is ruined, i told him to move to that register. Sorry. But i'll be right back."

So i go back to my register and she's there, waiting for me. I ring up her stuff, and she's mumbling about how it's so hot and she's hungry and it's just been a really bad day, and all these little excuses for her stupid attitude.

3. My brother is now Doctor Cohen. I'm pretty sure now that Brandon is "Doctor," we won't be able to use his given name anymore. My other brother, Paul, and I were discussing (behind the Doctor's back) about how weird and crazy it is that not only did Doctor graduate, but he also has this new title. We wanted to make ourselves feel better, so we talked about how he was the last to graduate, the sucker, but then we remembered that he was a Doctor again and we gave up.

4. My parents are way excited. They have gone to see the Doctor and help him and his family move. I called them today, to see what was up, and mom didn't answer, so i called dad. I said, "Hey, how's it going? I called mom, but her phone was off," which caused father to launch into the grand plan of the big move. Apparently, "so and so and so and so are driving the whatever and so and so are doing this, and then we are going to meet someone and whoever over on the interstate where hopefully the blah blah blah will be sighted, and the goal is to reach Pittsburgh in 5 hours."

It's quite the plan. It was all orchestrated by Jodie, so i'm sure it's brilliant. It has all the necessary twists and turns, the meetings and the greetings and the ultimate success that every move story needs.

So next i call mom, ask why her phone was off, and instead of answering my question, she launches into the big story of the move. She was telling it like it was a suspense-thriller-type story.

So my parents were SUPER excited about it. So, what does this mean? That my parents, in their old age, have nothing this exciting in their every day lives? Maybe my parents are going to start careers as movers? I don't know.

I think it's too early to tell.


Ky said...

Wow. I'd say you have successfully pulled off a week's overview in small, concise segments whilst allowing everything to flow quite smoothly. Though it is a long post, I was captivated throughout and paid no mind to time. Bravo!

First off, eat the candy or give it away. I am always one to keep the candy forever only to decide (the following Easter) that the candy has probably passed its "eat me without dying" stage and I end up chucking it. Or giving it to unsuspecting children with malformed taste buds...

Secondly, I would have happily gone to your register! I would have said, "Sure! Thanks! You rock, home slice."

Thirdly, a doctor? I didn't even know there was a hopeful doctor in your family, let alone a certified one! What kind of doctor will he be?

Fourthly, I'd say your parents are planning to become the world's first Moving Planners. You know, like wedding planners. They certainly have found a passion here. I could be their first client, except I've already done this 20-odd times.

Amanda said...

Jodie... she's always so on top of things. I wish I had married her, my life would be so much more efficient.

Tara said...

Your attitude about the lines at Cal Poly seems to be quite similar to the attitude you have about airport lines...thankfully that attitude has been of benefit to me through more than one Salt Lake to San Luis and back trip. Good work on thinking Logically.
Also I loved your version of the "move" it was so FUNNY! The Blah, blah, blah and the whatever.
Wow Dr. Cohen. Good job Brandon. I wonder what my siblings will say about me when I graduate with my masters...since OT's don't have a title like Dr. I wonder if I could get them to call me...Master Tara? Tara Griffith, OT? who knows.

Myriah said...

I'm planning on calling you OT-dawg.