Monday, March 24, 2008

The top 8 cool things about Easter

8) Mom hid the Easter Eggs.

7) Paul waking up long enough to say "thanks" when i called to wish him a Happy Easter. I guess having a newborn makes you tired.

6) Dying eggs! This year the fabulous Griffith family hosted a little egg dying gathering where there was an ugly experience with some oil based egg dye. That stuff was crazy. So if any of you ever find some like it, get rid of it immediately!!! It ruins lives!!!!

BUT, there was normal dye too, so everything worked out. Mom and i are holding our favorite eggs, and i am also holding a super great workbook/memory book that Kathleen and I made for Tara. The book includes what happened to the "band" that we started at school, a story about how Ron Weasley is in love with Tara, and activities such as, "Out of these 4 guys in the ward, which two would you pick to be your home teachers for the rest of your life?"

5) Grandma.

Mom was telling about her work, and she was mentioning that she is basically trained in all aspects of the office except for billing. Grandma interjects, "The girl who does the billing is handicapped."
She's right: the girl who does the billing uses a wheel chair.
We aren't sure what that has to do with anything though.

4) Cousins.
Cousins really make family gatherings much better.

3) The Elle-igator mastering the phrase "Happy Easter!" and saying it as loudly and frequently as she desired. I was really only on the phone with the New York Cohens for about 5 minutes but i'm pretty sure i heard Elle say, "Happy Easter!" roughly 29 times. It really bumped up my Easter Spirit.

2) Nancy Drew in my Easter basket!!!!!! Wooo Hooo!
It's irresistible! It's charming! It's fun!
(and a little scary)


Riding bikes with flat tires while wearing skirts and being barefoot.

There was just something about the bike riding that was super fun. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was riding down to visit this horse, Laney. Maybe.
Perhaps it was throwing caution to the wind as i biked around barefoot. I hardly do anything barefoot.
I hadn't been on a bike in a very long time, and perhaps this activity brought me back to my childhood. Or maybe i liked it because riding with a skirt on is kinda fun.

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Tara said...

Wow Easter sounds fabulous! I love the "top 8" for a post idea. Nice work. I also agree 100% that cousins make family gatherings better.