Friday, March 14, 2008

It's probably the urine.

Grandma and i went to her doctor today.

As we were leaving, she says to me, "I have to get more lab work done."
Me: Oh yeah?
Gma: They don't know what is wrong with me. I will need a urine test this time.
Me: Wow.
Gma: I've never had to go into the lab to do one of those before. I'm not familiar with the procedure.

Grandma really stressed the "into the lab" part, making me think that perhaps Grandma is indeed familiar with urine tests, but has simply been doing them from home. Perhaps there is some sort of kit you can buy at the drugstore (although we've never bought one. We've bought a lot of crazy stuff, but never an at-home-urine-test.) Or maybe she does what she needs to do at home, then mails it into the lab. I don't really know. It's all speculation from here.


Tara said...

Wow,I really hope that Grandma hasn't been mailing urine. LOL. But just so you know I recently had to have that done and nobody told me about the "at-home" I'm pretty sure it isn't a viable option. You can tell your grandma all they do is give you and alcohol swab and a cup and send you to the bathroom so it's not too bad or scary "in the lab".

Myriah said...

Maybe you have to be a senior citizen to get the at home option.

Ky said...

Maybe she thought going "into the lab" meant she had to have, as she said, a "procedure." In other words, she was expecting a major surgery. They have to get in there--into the bladder. That's how they do it in the lab. That's why she had to go "into the lab."

How many stitches did she end up with?