Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap day is a day of decision

Brandon and Jodie have welcomed any and all suggestions for the name of their newest offspring.

The other brother and sister-in-law have been very tight lipped about the potential name for their newest offspring, and i was just fine with it, UNTIL THE BABY WAS BORN AND THEY DIDN'T HAVE A NAME FOR HER.

Yes, the sweet little girl was born yesterday morning, and as of yet, there is still NO NAME FOR HER. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GET THIS GIRL A NAME?! She just needs one, really.

As you can see, i feel very passionate about this. Apparently, Baby Girl Cohen could be named any of about 5 names, and i say pick one and get on with it.

Now, i know Paul is a slow decider. It took him a while to choose a wife. It takes him a while to decide when exactly he wants to crush you to smithereens when playing Settlers of Catan, but i think Marissa should really step it up, make a decision, and inform her husband.

Is that too much to ask? Just a name for a child?

I say, name her Judith, after Judy who has graciously volunteered to take me to get my car at the car place today.

How hard was that?


Jodie said...

Lovin' the passion always. Names are tricky man...I'm just glad we've we just need this tike to GET OUT OF ME!! I can't handle all this hormonal craziness much longer.

Myriah said...

Yeah, i am chock full of passion.
Dad came home tonight and said he knows the name, but he doesn't know the spelling. What is the use of that?

Also, I know how you get a baby inside you, but how do you get one out?

Ky said...

I don't care to answer that last question. I prefer to just wait it out and never think about it prior to the actual getting-it-outness.

Also, my sister had a friend who named their kid Boy because they couldn't come up with a name for him. Lots of people scoffed at it, so they added a "d" and he is now known as Boyd. He's probably 6 or 7 now. Poor kid.

I hope your new niece isn't named Girld or Femalie or something!

Myriah said...


No, seriously, LOL.

I love it, Ky.