Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I am officially putting in my bid for my new nephew's name: Severus.

Severus Brandon Cohen

It's brilliant.

I know it doesn't follow the one syllable rule that little Sev's parents have been upholding, but i think it is a fine name and should be seriously considered.

Seriously. No, not Sirius, Severus. (okay, i know that was lame, but i just couldn't help it.)

I know i have mentioned this name before, perhaps in a "joking" manner, but now i am in earnest. The more i thought about it, the more it seemed appropriate.

Name your kid Severus.


Jodie said...

Wow Myriah, I had no idea you felt so passionately about the name Severus. You're right...it defies all my one syllable logic (which isn't much). We'll take it into consideration. As for my name preference....I have yet to find a name I like more than Wade. For some reason it seems to fit for me and any name I try to think of besides that just doesn't work. So...that leaves the question...can we name this child
Wade Brandon Cohen, when his father's name is
Brandon Wade Cohen and his grandpa's name is
Wade Alan Cohen? That is the question.
Brandon said that it wouldn't be weird...just on taxes. I'm not so sure.....or am I?

Amanda said...

First of all, it would have been lame if you said "Siriusly, you should name him Severus." Secondly, there's was a whole dynasty emperors named Severus in the Roman Empire... so it doesn't have to be just about Snape.

Ky said...

Love it, just love it. Now go watch this:

Tara said...

I vote for Seamus but only if they don't choose Wade because I think that's so CUTE! I don't think my brother in his wife would consider naming there kid (which by the way we don't know what it will be) Larry...they want to name it Aden...weird.

Myriah said...

Wait, they already have a name picked out? Boy or girl, it will be Aden?

I don't get it.

Tara said...

No the name will be Aden if it's a boy...they are undecided as to a girls name. Matthew really wants a boy.

Myriah said...

Well, if you put your mind to it, you'll get a boy. Or, you can go to the doctor to see if you really are pregnant, and go from there.