Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bob Barker isn't Dead

I was wondering around the channels this morning, looking for something to entertain me in the vulnerable moments of "I just woke up-ness" and trying to determine how much i really like the Frosted Mini Wheats sitting in my cereal bowl when i found the Price is Right and felt like it would do the trick. The first close up was of a really excited lady, and the second close up was of Drew Carey, pretending to be Bob Barker.

WHAT?! Drew Carey?! Drew Carey of that really bad show entitled The Drew Carey Show? Drew Carey who isn't actually funny enough to be an active participant on his own improv show? (He's an executive producer.) Drew Carey holding Bob Barker's old school microphone?!


And that is all there is to it.

I really don't know how i missed knowing he was going to be the new host. Somewhere in my brain i have a recollection of reading or hearing somewhere that Bob Barker was calling it quits, (or had died) and i kind of assumed the Price is Right would be done too. I figured they would just throw it into syndication. No one can tell a Price is Right rerun from a Price is Right first run anyway. Who watches it enough?

It turns out i was wrong. The lady in the picture seems to know all about it, because she was able to have a shirt made with Drew on it.
I can't believe i am so far behind on my Price is Right knowledge. If this old lady knew about it, what else have i been missing?


Amanda said...

Maybe because I hang out with a lot of old people in the hospital, I knew about this ages ago. Those old people: they may not know what "the DVDs" are or how to change the channel, but they're on it when it comes to Bob Barker.

Tara said...

So did Bob Barker die? If so that is so sad. Also I had no idea that Drew Cary was the new host I use to take care of an old lady in 2004 who watched it all the time and Bob still appeared to be alive and kicking. Basically what I'm saying is I had no idea either.

Ky said...

Home dawg,

As I read your post I started to mentally draft what I was going to comment about. It was going to be about the old lady's shirt. Luckily you already covered it so I'm leaving it at what you wrote. She really does know her "The Price" biz!

In high school I had a friend who had this goal of one day being on the show. Looks like she may have her chance yet! Thanks, Drew Carey, for keeping "The Price" alive, even after that old lady is dead. I'll be interested to find whether the set ever changes to fit the new young and hip audience which will inevitably turn old and probably see yet another host step up to bat. This show will never die!