Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Holy Smokes, look at the graduate!

Mom, dad and I at the graduation luncheon. We keep it real in Idaho.

I took mom and dad to see the sights in Idaho. This is Mesa Falls, and this is the giant root beer in Ashton, on the way to Mesa Falls... although we got root beer floats after Mesa Falls.

And, my last fleeting glimpse at the temple, out of my car window.

I'll give you a better idea of graduation after i get home. Right now i am going to fall asleep on my clean clothes.


Melanie said...


Amanda said...

These two things are the only big sights in all of Idaho? wow.

Jodie said...

Whoooohoooo....congrats GRADUATE!

Tara said...

Hey buddy great job on your graduation, congrats, you did it...I especially like that you took a crazy cap and gown pic like I did. Good Job.