Sunday, July 1, 2007

Best July Ever

My Relief Society had this huge enrichment-sleep-over-eat-steak-ice cream-soda-cookies-chips-paint semi lame wooden wall thingies.

I thought all of that but the last part was a really good idea.

So there i was, sitting at enrichment, with this blank piece of wood daring me to write something motivating and smarmy. After all, i would decorate my home with this piece of wood, so don't i want it to be great?

Girls were painting their wooden things in Country Cottage Blue, or Deathly Boring Tan.
Then they were stenciling things like, "Let your garden grow" "Return with Honor" "The cook went home" or, "Reach for the stars."

I started my project with black paint. I knew that would be a good start.
After much thought and searching, i ended up with this:

*I have no idea why this is underlined....I can't make it stop. Thanks, Google.
Anyway, i really thought this quote came from book 5, but it doesn't. It's from book 4. Who knew?*

Okay, great news: It is July! That means that the day i graduate is on my calendar!
(well, it's always been there, i just couldn't see it.)

There it is... July 18th. This is my Far Side calendar.

And of course, my High School Musical calendar.

AND--- my count down to graduation chain. Just so you know, it used to be draped down about a foot over by Jesus, and then over Him, past the sun, and to the very far end of the window. I've pulled off a lot of paper.

Oh man, graduation month! this is so great!

BONUS!!! We got our Teton Dam Volunteer shirts this week.


Amanda said...

What's funny is that in the 5th book, you get to see exactly how Sirius treats his house elf, which isn't that good.

Myriah said...

Yeah, that is funny. Except in a sad way. So we find out what he is really like, and then he dies, or something. I think he died. And seeing how this life is the time to prepare to meet God, it looks like Sirius blew it.

Kathleen said...

Okay so I just talked to you and that was great, by the way! So I like the wooden quote thingy that you made! It is even more awesome than I imagined in my head when you were describing it to me over the phone. (oh yea by the way its late and if this comment is at all incoherent...I apologize.)

Tara said...

I agree with Kathleen in that you're "wooden thingy" is quite spectacular, also I'm glad you found the quote I knew it was inspiring but I just couldn't find it, fortunately there are other hairy potter nerd out there so we don't have to do all the work ourselves! Happy graduation month and congrats on your paper chain being so short! Also in regards to Sirius Black, I think we should let him rest in peace, also, I think creature deserved everything he's not like Sirius was mean to Doby or anything.