Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You Are Mighty

While waiting for the sun to go down, i was wondering around on blogger. I ended up on my sister-in-law's sister-in-law's blog.

I found the most wonderful link there:

Because you will soon want to use your own name, just put it in the address... and feel the power and beauty that is advertising.

I know, i hate to ruin it, but this is actually advertising.

This website changed my life. The music is great, too.
Wow... i just can't shake it... it is so great!


Tara said...

Wow I'm sorry to say I really wasn't that inspired, maybe it's because I'm not a Mom yet....I'll have to try it latter maybe it's just my mood. Anyway I'm glad you found inspiration in it.

Myriah said...

did you put your name in it?
And you weren't inspired?
I'm having a bad day, and i'm going to put my name in it, and i fully expect to be feeling better.