Friday, February 16, 2007

Pathetic Snow

We have gotten like, .5 inches of snow this year. It is ridiculous. I have been preparing myself all year for the terrible snows and freezing weather. Yesterday it was cold, i needed gloves, but today it was 40 degrees and sunny! I have been so confused. I don't understand this place.
Honestly, I'm a little ticked. I did not expect to see the sun until June. I don't know what to do with myself. More importantly, i don't know what to wear to school. Will a sweater do the trick? Should i wear short sleeves and a hoodie and jacket? Pea coat? Fleece? Am i going to freeze? Am i going to sweat all the way to school? I have no idea. Do i need gloves? Maybe a scarf? How about a hat? When i breathe in, will my lungs freeze up? Maybe. But maybe not. I don't know. There was a day when i could say, "Hey, it's Idaho, it's February, i need jeans, thick socks, shoes to battle the snow/ice/slush maybe a T to start, then a sweater, then a hoodie or fleece, followed up by a pea coat or jacket with matching mittens and hat."

See how easy that was? But these days, well, not only are some of my classes hard (i'm learning German! Plus, i have to use a calculator for one of my classes.) but getting dressed is also hard. So lame.

So lame.

Anyway! We did get some snow and we took advantage of it!

The snow caterpillar with ears like a bear is chasing this poor Snowman family.

The Snowman family just can't seem to get away.

This poor snowman slipped on some ice and splattered up against our house. Jenna and Shalyn had nothing to do with it.


Anonymous said...

This winter has been pretty lame as far as great snow storms go, but truely our idahoan storms have been deteriorating for years. When the February weather gets crazy I recommend wearing good inside clothes and avoiding the outdoors till the weatherman gets out of the insane asylum. ~cass

Myriah said...

Interesting. I had no idea Idaho was on this downward slope. That would explain a few things, though.
Cassandra... Only a week to go!!! Right? Well, nevertheless, it's getting close.

Tara said...

I agree that the weather has been crazy and that you never know what to wear but I much prefer it to be warm for as long as possible...I must admitt however that I have a secret fear that any day now it's going to dump about a thousand feet of snow on us and not let up until I go home in April. Hopefully not, but it still could happen.

Amanda said...

It's sunny here.

Amy said...

That snow caterpillar is great! Hope your crazy weather has figured out what it is doing.