Saturday, February 3, 2007

Karaoke, Texas, and New Chair

Tara's birthday was January 25. It was pretty great. For her birthday gifts, i thought it would be best to set up a scavenger hunt to find them. The gifts were wrapped up fancy in newspaper and i hung this one on a hanger under our roommate's bed. Inside the package: beef jerky.
It was a pretty good gift.

Also for Tara's b-day, we went to Texas Road House Grill, a grill of which i have never seen in California. (It could be there, of course, California is a big state.) Anyway, Tara dared herself to fit an entire delicious roll into her mouth, and she did it! Congratulations, Tara!
Later on we went shopping and Tara bought a karaoke machine, which was her birthday wish, and i found a killer good deal on this chair. I am currently sitting in it and have wondered how i had survived all these years with a little metal folding chair. How did i survive?
I don't know. I just don't know.


Amanda said...

So, I was looking at this page, and Tyler was looking over my shoulder, and at the picture of you guys singing karaoke, he said "What is on Myriah's shoulder?!? A cat?" Turns out that it's you pointing at the camera, but if you are far away, and sort of not looking very hard, I guess it could be a cat.

Myriah said...

i tried being far away and not looking very hard, and after i started looking hard, the only thing i kinda saw was that maybe The Hand from the Adam's Family was on my shoulder.

Which is creepy.

Tara said...

Wow this one really is for you baby girl! man we are so great at karaoke!