Thursday, March 1, 2007


On president's day I went with Tara and Christina to Kelly Canyon. Tara and i have never really skied before, and i was a little nervous.

But Christina teaches little kids how to ski all the time, so we knew we were in good hands.

Top o'the bunny hill. Why is is called "bunny"? And are the bigger hills called jackrabbits?

Somehow, Christina persuaded me to go down the big hill. I'm pretty sure i was more scared of the chair lift than i was of going down the hill.

I will have you know that i didn't fall once on the bunny hill. But i fell when i got off the chair lift. I had never fallen before, so i had no idea how to get up. The chair lift operator had to stop the lift and help me up. I needed a lot of help.
I also fell about 60 times on my way down the hill.

But Christina would go down backwards and hold my hands on the steep parts. She is in the red coat in the way back, helping me down the mountain. I have better pictures of this technique, i just wanted everyone to get an idea of how confident all the little kids are while they zoom around the mountain.


*Ky* said...

LOVE IT! Those little kids really are zooming. Cocky little twits...I feel your pain, baby! I FEEL IT! (I went skiing last weekend, remember?)

Amanda said...

Those lame-o kids, think they're better than us old fogies.

Jodie said...

So jealous you went skiing! Brandon has yet to try it out. I'll get him out there someday though!

Tara said...

Man you're amazing for being brave enought to do it, going down those steep hills... by the way who took those amazing photos? I'm pretty sure my future children will never have such skiing skills, as we observed that day, due to the fact that they will hopefully never have to deal with snow until they are old enought to move away from home. Yeah California!

Anonymous said...

what goes up must come down i guess. i'm impressed with your effort next time will be better. I still think you need your instructor though. gj