Thursday, February 8, 2007

Birthday, Mine

I woke up on my birthday, and came down these stairs. Check out those balloons. They are like worms! They were awesome. I had never seen anything like it before in all of my life. I was so lucky to get such awesome balloons.

I went down those stairs and turned the corner into the living room, and i found out that i had a pirate birthday! Isn't that great? We still have these sculls up.

The night before, we went to a Mongolian Grill, not very pirate-like, but good none the less. I had never been to one before. My roommates had, but they had never been to this one. The Grill in Idaho Falls is this little hole-in-the wall where you find the only tattooed people in South Eastern Idaho. It is awesome! You pick your favorite things to put in stir fry, and you just pile it in your bowl. Make sure to get a lot of sauce. Then, you say, "Here, cook guys, cook!" and they do! They throw it on this big heated thing and move your food around with long sticks of wood descent.

Hole in wall.


"Cook guys, Cook!"

On my birthday, I had to sing for one of my presents. My roommates set up this awesome scavenger hunt in which i had to go around town and find my gifts and sometimes sing for them. Here, i was singing, "We're all in this together" from High School Musical which was hard because i'm not very good at singing 4 parts all at once.

But i finally got my gift! I'm sitting on my bed, the bottom bunk, and if you will note the palm trees in the background on your right, i made an ad for myself for one of my classes. Those palm trees come from Hearst Castle.
Mom sent me all the parts to make Lentil Soup. (It's in that box.) She even sent the carrots and celery which turned out very well considering they were in a box for about a week. It was a great birthday, and the soup was great. Arrgh! (That's pirate talk, ye mateys!)


Amanda said...

This quite possibly tops the singing telegram... but I'm not sure. I do like Mongolian BBQ quite a bit. They have one here in SLO, but it's odd, and not quite... Mongolian. I'll remain forever jealous of your pirate birthday. My Beehives have vowed to give me a pizza party on my next birthday, complete with pin the tail on the donkey. I'm excited.

Amanda said...

And to answer your question about Liz's footwear choice, which technically I'm supposed to answer on my own blog where the question was posed, I was here, and my family probably doesn't care. So, the hike was, in my opinion, a hike-hike, and was confused at Liz's choice. However, it was probably about as strenuous Madonna, which I have also referred to as a nature walk. So, maybe Liz subscribes to this same feeling. Or, maybe she was so excited at the newfound niceness of weather, that she wanted to celebrate the fact that it was 70 degrees outside in February, which as it turns out, was transitory anyway. The latter, I think, being the most likely. I apologize for my garrulousness, but I just finished a biography of John Adams, who was as loquacious as they come. So... carry on.

Myriah said...

Wow, John Adams, was that, riviting? The most i know about John Adams is that the high school on Boy Meets World is called John Adams High, which i am sure is a great compliment.
Thank you for clearing up the Liz footwear mystery. Some things, i think, must be explained, and others i can do without. For instance, most of the discovery channel. I'm too weak for those topics.

Anonymous said...

You must have a really great Mom! You certainly have really great decorators and party planner friends, your life must be great!

Brianna said...

MEriah it looks like you had a great birthday! Dang girl, you have that big fancy chair in your little apartment? You are so fancy (you have to imagine me saying it in the silly way Tara does, it's funnier that way). I love Mongolian BBQ. Cook Guys, Cook!