Monday, February 12, 2007

A week ago, things looked pretty much like this. But then, it all melted, and i had to wade through puddles to get to school. Sometimes i walked on the street instead of the sidewalk because it was easier and a little safer.
Last night, it was pouring rain! I woke up this morning, and saw this:

I was shocked. SNOW!
I was not expecting it at all.
This was my view from our front door which is really the back door. As you can see, the snow thought it would be fun to come all the way up our steps and meet us at the door. The snow was right, it was fun.

I took this picture about 3:00 pm, and they still hadn't cleared off our part of the road yet. You can see where they plowed down the road, so cars are going regular speed, through the stop light, then they hit our area and immediately lose traction. It's too bad, really.

Bonus info:
One block past the stop light is where the university begins, but i usually have to walk about one more block to get to my first class. Some of my roommates have to walk about three more blocks, uphill, in the wind and snow!
I'm glad that is not me. If it were, I might move.

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Anonymous said...

Snow, Snow, Snow, it's Idaho. Now you know how to dress in snow, have you washed your hair with snow? I think I am loosley refering to a movie. GJ