Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starved Rock

As I'm sure you've figured out, I had an amazing summer. It was filled with one awesome thing after another. Sometime in July I went hiking with Diana, Hope, and Sandy at Starved Rock. Starved Rock is over an hour away from Chicago. Thankfully, Hope has a vehicle, so we were able to escape the city for the afternoon. 

Here we are on the actual rock. Well, we are on a wooden pathway right above the rock. I guess everyone wants to climb on and touch the rock, and so in order to preserve it, they had to build these pathways. BTW, Starved Rock had something to do with the indigenous peoples, one group got stuck on this rock while another group surrounded the rock, and the people on the rock all starved, and it didn't turn out well for them which is really confusing because of the Bible story with the wise man building his house on a rock and everything worked out really well for him. 

After seeing The Rock, we wandered around the hiking trails a bit. 

For some reason, finding this didn't worry me at all. 

It was a lovely afternoon. And there were water crossings. I don't know why, but I'm such a wuss when it comes to water when I'm not properly outfitted. Anyway, we had fun (although I do remember being an instigator for contention, so maybe we should ask my friends if they had fun) but I ended up fairly dehydrated, so maybe I got what I deserved from being so contentious. 

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Diana C. said...

All I remember is having a fabulous time, and enjoying a much needed break from the city... I believe there was some fabulous conversation that day too. This makes me miss you a lot!